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Marker/Gun: The Inferno semi automatic CO2 powered marker is widely regarded as one of the best all-round markers in the world, and is standard among many paintball sites around the world. Being semi-automatic, it'll fire as fast as you pull the trigger.

Mask: Our Vforce Vantage masks are not typical 'site' masks, they're semi-professional. They offer a clear panoramic view of your surroundings while remaining comfortable, and most importantly they'll protect you - this mask meets all and exceeds many safety standards.

A tight fit is ensured with an easily adjustable strap, and they can be cleaned with the minimum of fuss and time between games. Marshalls will check that the mask is on correctly and comfortable before you venture into the game zones.

Hopper/Feed system: At the beginning of the day you will be provided with a team-coloured hopper. These are gravity fed, which means the paintballs fall into the top of the marker, and hold roughly 150 rounds. Each hopper has a number on the lid, so you don't get them mixed up.

Pots: We provide 100 round ball pots to place your paint into and carry onto the field. These fit into specially designed pockets on your battle harness (also provided).

Gas: Your marker will come fitted with a pressurised CO2 bottle attached. This will be refilled and maintained by the staff at all times.

Gloves: For maximum protection, we recommend wearing a pair of gloves. The most suitable gloves are Rhinos, with their armoured backs. These are specially designed for paintball, and will take the sting out of hand shots (believe us, it does sting!) while still allowing your hands maximum mobility.

Available to hire on the day for 3.00 per pair.