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Markers fire paint... of course! So you'll need to make sure you have more paint than the enemy naturally. Here are the prices you'll pay on the day. Remember, rented items must be returned at the end of the day.

To Buy
  • Pots of 100 paintballs - 7.00
  • Bags of 500 paintballs - 30.00
  • Boxes of 2000 paintballs - 110.00
  • Smoke Grenade - 4.00
  • Smoke Grenades x 3 - 10.00
To Rent
  • Armoured Gloves - 3.00
  • Padded Hoods - Free*
  • Body Armor - Free*

*Limited numbers available, so first come, first served


For those that want to play that bit more than usual a membership is the ideal way to reduce the cost. Not only do you receive a natty membership card for you to parade about with, you also receive lots of benefits:

  • No game fee: Play as often as you like
  • Discounted paint prices: You can chuck about that bit more paint
  • Food included in your day: Enjoy our culinary delights on your day
  • Priority invitations to our exclusive events: Find out before others
  • Members area within the forums: Chat away from the mere mortals
  • Memberships also work at Battlezone in Yarm: Expand the areas you can play at

All this for just 50 a year!

Aquiring a membership is simple, create yourself a user on the forums and go to the Subscriptions section to complete your payment.